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Cuts for Cancer

Take a look at UBC's impact this past Movember

Why Movember?


Cancer isn't one disease, but over 200 diseases?

Learn about the what, how, and why of cancer in our new series, Cancer Decoded.

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Cuts for Cancer Recap 2018

Up and down the UBC Clock Tower! Over twice the height of the UBC Clock Tower in length of ponytails collected! According to Wigs for Kids, it takes 10 - 12 ponytails to make a wig. And since it's at least 8" per ponytail, that's around 80" per 10 ponytails which is...

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Climb for the Cause

Climb for the Cause

Everyone probably has childhood memories of climbing, be it on monkey bars, trees, or even kitchen counters. Come get a dose of climbing nostalgia by participating in UBCCAC’s Climb for the Cause event! We are inviting participants to enjoy an hour-long...

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Club Elections 2018

Club Elections 2018 OVERVIEW This Year's Candidates President: Adam Mesa Treasurer: Simran Manhas VP Marketing: Eric Liu VP External: Cassandra Federico, Simran Manhas, Tiger Zhao, Hana Zhang VP Internal: Cassandra Federico, Tiger Zhao, Hana Zhang VP Events: Tiger...

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Dry February

Dry February

As the month comes to an end, so will the drought on alcoholic beverages for participants of Dry February. For those unfamiliar, Dry February is a month-long event hosted by the Canadian Cancer Society, where participants pledge to go alcohol-free for the entire month...

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We’re a student-run club at the University of British Columbia. We aim to provide support, awareness, and fundraise in the fight against cancer. Learn more  →