We are active beyond hosting just events: Come and join us or let your voice be heard for some of these other initiatives that we do!

Currently Ongoing Initiatives

There are many talented individuals currently working on the following initiatives at UBC Cancer Association! 

Cancer Decoded

Do you want to learn more about cancer? Curious about breakthroughs in cancer research? Check out Cancer Decoded, a comic series that breaks down complex scientific ideas into engaging pieces that can be easily understood by anyone.

Exam Packs

We’re selling practice questions to a first year biology course on campus, to help raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society and for our Association to use for our other projects and goals. 

Retired Initiatives

The initiatives listed below are initiatives previously done at UBC Cancer Association. Does one of these initiatives interest you? We’re looking for individuals to start them up again. 

Grief Support Group

The UBCCA is starting a student run grief support group on campus. The goal for this support group is to provide bereaved students with a space to talk about their losses and receive support from others who have had similar experiences. We hope to create an atmosphere that normalizes death to make a comfortable environment to grieve, heal, and support each other.

Stories for UBCCA

Stories for UBCCAStories for UBCCA is a photo series showing the many ways cancer has affected us. Inspired by the much loved photos “Humans of New York”, each photo is accompanied by pieces of wisdom from the UBC community.