Cancer Changes Everything. So can you.

Executive Hiring 2019/20

Looking to make a difference in the fight against cancer, make friends, and gain leadership experience? UBC Cancer Association wants you to join our team! Take a look at all of our available positions in the recruitment package and apply for the ones that interest you!

First, a bit about us:

  • Promote awareness about cancer and cancer related issues
  • Offer support to the UBC community and to those who have been affected by cancer and related issues
  • Organize events for recognized national and local charities
  • Provide information about cancer and cancer related issues

Learn more about who we are on the “About” page or things we’ve done in the past by going to our “Events” page.

Application open for Cancer Decoded Animator 

 * As per AMS regulations, all members must pay our $5 membership fee. Executives are not exempt from this.


Becoming an executive for UBC Cancer Association requires commitment. 




Casual interviews will happen on an ongoing basis starting on Monday, Sept 23rd – as soon as you apply. Make sure to apply early as to avoid someone else snatching up your desired position. Don’t hear back from us, but are curious as to how things are going? Don’t hesitate to shoot us an email.

Elected or Hired?

UBC Cancer Association holds elections for the President, Treasurer, and  Vice President positions as per our bylaws. These elections happen in term 2, and are open to any AMS member (active UBC students). The current positions we are  recruiting for “hired” – our elected members will decide whether or not to bring an applicant onto the team. If you’re not chosen, there will be plenty of volunteer opportunities broadcasted in our members-only newsletter, so make sure to stay subscribed to that!