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Cuts for Cancer

Take a look at UBC's impact this past Movember

Why Movember?


Cancer isn't one disease, but over 200 diseases?

Learn about the what, how, and why of cancer in our new series, Cancer Decoded.

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Origins of Movember

Origins of Movember

Rainy forecasts and darkening days signal the arrival of the penultimate month of the year: November. In addition to these telltale signs of the month’s arrival, you also may have noticed some bristly facial hairs dawning the upper lip of your XY-chromosomed friends....

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Daffodil Month

Daffodil Month

This April, the Canadian Cancer Society marks its 60th Daffodil Month by rallying Canadians to show their support for people living with cancer and honour those who have died by wearing a daffodil pin or buying fresh daffodils. Money raised through flower and pin...

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Cuts for Cancer Recap

Longer than a Football Field Over a football field in length of ponytails collected! According to Wigs for Kids, it takes 10 - 12 ponytails to make a wig. And since it's at least 8" per ponytail, that's around 80" per 10 ponytails which is as many as Costing around...

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Interested in shaping the future of UBC Cancer Association? Are you an active UBC student and AMS member? Elections are upon us! Cast your vote for candidates by March 14th. If you’re interested in running, register by March 12th at noon.

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Recruiting & Elections – Join UBC Cancer Association. Together we are stronger than cancer. More →

Our Mission

We’re a student-run club at the University of British Columbia. We aim to provide support, awareness, and fundraise in the fight against cancer. Learn more  →